November 2011

The Corporate Face....

By lending my journalistic skills to UK businesses especially in the fields of healthcare and fine art, I am able to add a new dimension to their websites, publications and other marketing tools.

This is a bespoke service which can include the production of newsletters, magazines or newspapers and website content such as blogs and audio and visual interviews. It is ideally suited to private medical clinics, diagnostic centres and cosmetic surgery practices; as well as fine art auction houses and dynamic commercial enterprises.

I am also able to offer media training sessions leading to successful contacts with journalists allowing how to always make the most of opportunities in the spotlight.

What am I doing now?

Having thrown away my formal education and wasted my school days, I had to wait until middle age to discover the joy of learning and the satisfaction that comes with the acquisition of knowledge. Always a frustrated medic, I am now happily working as a journalist in two Harley Street clinics – the London Vision Clinic ( and Clinica London (

London Vision Clinic,
138 Harley Street
, London W1G 7LA

+44 (0)207 224 1005


The prestigious London Vision Clinic – 138 Harley Street - is a world leader in every aspect of laser eye surgery. Its international reputation for surgical expertise and the pioneering work of its founder and director, Prof Dan Reinstein, ( has attracted much media coverage and many celebrity and high profile patients from all over the world.


In addition to articles for the London Vision Clinic blog ( ),  I also produce a newsletter which is sent to patients.

I am also very happy to be writing for Clinica London which is next door at 140 Harley Street. This Ophthalmology and Oculoplastic clinic is directed by Consultant Ophthalmologist Miss Jane M. Olver.

Oculoplastic surgery is the treatment of conditions affecting the eyes and surrounding areas including the eyelids, tear ducts, brow, cheek as well as the eyes themselves. Oculoplastic surgery is done for both medical and aesthetic reasons.

Most people know little about this relatively young sub-specialism within the world of ophthalmic medicine and my role within the Clinica London team is to help with making it more understandable by writing about the many new and highly developed procedures which are now available.
The Growth of Oculoplastics

Watering Eyes a Truly Distressing Condition