November 2011

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It is said that everyone has a story within them and as an interviewer, broadcaster and journalist I would have to agree. However, undoubtedly, some stories are more compelling than others.

When I first met Jenny Gucci at a Marbella dinner party I instantly realised that “compelling” wouldn’t even begin to describe her life within one of the most powerful families on the planet.

For a glorious decade, after marrying Paolo Gucci, Jenny had been catapulted into a life of opulence that most women can only dream of. She stayed at the world’s most exclusive locations and mixed with celebrities and royalty; and of course had a wardrobe of clothes and accessories to die for.

But there was also a dark side to being a Gucci wife. Jenny had married into a family torn apart by infighting and with a long history of rivalry, betrayal, jealousy and greed.

After making a bid for freedom and instigating divorce proceedings, Jenny would also learn the hard way what happened when a Gucci was crossed.

Jenny’s story had all the elements of a terrific family saga: in addition to the glamorous love story complete with a “Pretty Woman” feel to it, there was even a murder; and an episode of cruelty to racehorses that would make you weep. And it was all true.

I knew that I wanted to write it and fortunately John Blake agreed.

On March 28th 2008 Wendy Holden selected Gucci Wars as her “Critic’s Choice in the Daily Mail referring to the story as “engaging and witty”. She went on to say:  “ghostwriter, Mary Harboe, has done a superb job of turning (Jenny’s) story into something resembling a glossy Eighties bonkbuster.”

What am I doing now?

Gucci Wars was published by John Blake in March 2008 and was released in a paperback edition summer 2009. .


My new career includes ghost writing working on serveral projects, dividing my time between bases in London and Southern Spain. I am also lending my journalistic skills to UK businesses adding a new dimension to their websites, publications and other marketing tools.

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I am currently concentrating on full time writing and investigative journalism projects both in the UK and abroad.  A long held interest in health topics and medical journalism has led to a particular fascination with eye and sight related issues which I now write about for two Harley Street clinics.

My latest book explores the unpopular subject of the murky underworld of international financial fraud. The research journey has taken me from the back streets of Barcelona to inside a Spanish jail and far beyond as I gather material to also tell the true story of a very likeable man who is now paying a high price for his past.