November 2011

Mary....the person.

Having carved a career out of encouraging others to speak about themselves it is somewhat ironic that, when the tables are turned, this is something that does not come easily to me. I am rarely comfortable talking about myself which is one of the reasons I have so far avoided opening a Facebook account.  I am not good at singing my own praises and struggle to think of the anecdotes and characteristics that define me. So this “Mary, the person” page is the most difficult for me to construct; but here goes...

Sophia aged two and a half graduating from nursery school - they take education seriously in Barcelona!

My immediate family consists of two adult children – Carolina and Thomas - who were brought up and educated in Spain both achieving degrees from Spanish universities.

Thomas married Nieves in 2010 and works in Málaga for an aeronautical consultancy company. Carolina, and her partner Michael, live in Barcelona where they made me a granny (or “Ya Ya” in Catalan) in June 2008 with the arrival of Sophia and again in October 2010 when baby Charlie was born.

Carolina is a nutritionist specialising in diet for pregnancy and babies.

I am also fortunate to still have both my parents. They live in the small market town of Aylsham in Norfolk. In fact I am expecting to move my UK base there in early 2012 and planning to finish the new book drawing my inspiration from the Norfolk countryside.

After having lived overseas for most of my adult life, I will always find the northern European winters especially hard to take. It is not the cold that gets me down; but the lack of light really depresses me. I am therefore exceedingly fortunate to be able to also live in Southern Spain – and Málaga is an easy hop to my favourite city of Barcelona.

This itinerant lifestyle leaves little opportunities for hobbies; but if asked to list them I would have to say “yoga” which I have practised for more than thirty years and which seems to keeps me vaguely sane.  After unpacking, wherever I am in the world I try to find a yoga group to join – thank you for having me Jazz in Swiss Cottage and Petra in Marbella. I also dabble in badminton and Pilates.

As a member of the Classic Car Club of Andalucía, I should also add “classic cars” to my hobby list.