November 2011

Welcome to my space....

After working as a print journalist and award-winning broadcaster for more than twenty years, since 2008 my career has taken a fresh direction as I now focus on full time writing and investigative journalism projects both in the UK and abroad.

A long held interest in health topics and medical journalism has led to a particular fascination with eye and sight related issues which I now write about for two Harley Street clinics.

Following the publication in March 2008 of “Gucci Wars” which I ghost wrote for Jenny Gucci (published by John Blake and now available in paperback); I am currently researching another book which explores the underworld of international financial fraud.

After many years working as an ex-patriot in the Netherlands, Africa, the Middle East and Spain, I have still not quite settled down and am currently dividing my time between England, Andalucia and Barcelona.

What am I doing now?

Having thrown away my formal education and wasted my school days, I had to wait until middle age to discover the joy of learning and the satisfaction that comes with the acquisition of knowledge. Always a frustrated medic, I am now happily working as a journalist in two Harley Street clinics – the London Vision Clinic ( and Clinica London (

The prestigious London Vision Clinic – 138 Harley Street - is a world leader in every aspect of laser eye surgery. Its international reputation for surgical expertise and the pioneering work of its founder and director, Prof Dan Reinstein, ( has attracted much media coverage and many celebrity and high profile patients from all over the world.

I am also very happy to be writing for Clinica London which is next door at 140 Harley Street. This Ophthalmology and Oculoplastic clinic is directed by Miss Jane M. Olver.

Oculoplastic surgery is the treatment of conditions affecting the eyes and surrounding areas including the eyelids, tear ducts, brow, cheek as well as the eyes themselves. These operations are performed for aesthetic and rejuvenation reasons as well as for medical conditions.
To read some of my articles on the subject please check out

I continue to be committed to various charities including the London Vision Clinic Foundation which aims to bring humanitarian laser eye surgery to the remote regions of the world – notably Nepal

I also continue to lend my support to the Málaga based charity CUDECA ( who provide palliative care for cancer patients via the first independent hospice in Spain; and Manacare ( who I got to know in Sri Lanka after the 2004 Boxing Day Tsunami. I am also proud to be a Global Angels ambassador for the international children’s charity (

Look out for my next book

As a topic, the dark underworld of financial fraud might at first appear far removed from my comfort zone; however this is the subject I am currently researching for my next book.

Among the many obstacles I have had to confront on this journey is the undoubted fact that swindling innocent people out of their money is not a popular or reader friendly crime.

It is especially challenging to write about these murky issues from a human perspective – however likeable, on a personal level, the main protagonist might be.

However, I expect the finished book to tell the gripping true story of this person who is now paying an extremely high price for his past.